Stehlampe von Werner Epstein für Inter Néo, 1970

5 095.00 EUR

This light sculpture by Werner Epstein was edited in a very small edition by Inter Neo, France in 1970. This large scale lamp features coiled aluminum spirals which are hung onto a needle pin connected to the top of the central vertical supporting rod which catches the rising thermal currents generated by the heat of the standard incandescent light bulb hidden in the base. These rising heat thermals cause the spiral to slowly rotate, as the light catches the slowly rotating spiral an organic direct and indirect lighting effect is created on the walls, floor, and ceiling. This design was exhibited at the 1972 ´Salon des Artistes et Decorateurs´ held at the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees in Paris, and is published in the original exhibition catalog. The lamp comes from a private collection. It is fully signed with an impressed dated manufacturer´s mark on the underside of the wooden portion of the base and comes complete with its original box and packing materials. The lamp is in a good vintage condition; it appears that it has not been used very often as the spiral is still tightly coiled when hung and has not yet become stretched and elongated as seen on some examples due to the effects of gravity over time. The spiral form coils flat and the three part main central vertical supporting stem can be dismantled into three shorter sections for compact shipping in the original small box.