Modularer Opalglas Kronleuchter von Carlo Nason für Mazzega, 1960er

9 282.00 EUR

This chandelier is characteristic of the mid-century trend of hanging multiple elements over a frame. Carlo Nason displays the concept with interlocking elements, permitting any length. It was designed by Nason for Mazzega and is made up of more than 50 interlocking C-shaped opaline elements. Opaline glass is a leitmotif of Carlo Nason´s works. It shades the light and creates different tones of color, from anise to amber, and different degrees of transparency. The electrical parts have been rewired to EU standard. Complimentary rewiring to buyer´s standard is also possible, please get in touch with Pamono for options. A UL certification by a UL registered lab is also available upon request.